Wildlife Shorts November 2018

Roxy member, Axbridge resident, conservationist and filmmaker Alice Owen presents a collection of 12 films. Six films will be screened on Thursday 8th Nov and another sixth on Thursday15th of Nov. Only about 10 minutes long, the films are work from students of UWE Bristol’s MA in Wildlife Filmmaking, in cooperation with the BBC’s Natural History Unit, and University of Bristol’s MA Composition of Music for Film and Television.

We have a diversity of wildlife and locations  – the Tasmanian devil in Australia and the elusive snow leopard in the Himalayas. These films tackle some of today’s most compelling conservation issues such as how bolivia’s belief in natural healers is affecting one small and rare animal and how Amazon development is closing in on isolated tribes. Closer to home, who knew that great spotted woodpeckers are thriving in Ireland and so are orcas in the Scottish Hebrides.

Bristol is a centre of excellence for natural history programming, so come and see these lovely films, some of which will be introduced by Alice’s fellow filmmakers in person.

Thu 8th November

Part 1
Little Carpenters – Ten years ago you would have been very lucky to spot one in Ireland, but great spotted woodpeckers have now started nesting in Wicklow, and their numbers are growing all the time 

Amazonia Dammed – A documentary on an indigenous community’s urgent fight against a megadam in the heart of the Amazon
The Healing Lizard

The healing Lizard – In the heart of South America lies a land of contrast and ancient traditions, Bolivia. High up in the mountains, three different worlds are united by one little reptile, a lizard. A whole culture is about to be revealed through this tiny little creature.

Part 2
First Fin – A new documentary about the whales and dolphins of Scotland’s wild west coast and the extraordinary people working to protect them.

Seeking Snow –  One of the world’s best snow leopard spotters – his goal –  to find these ghost cats in areas that are unprotected and and undocumented, in an effort to determine their numbers.

Sympathy for the Devil – A documentary about one of Tasmania’s most famous – and feistiest – animals. These cantankerous critters are facing an unusual crisis that could drive them to extinction…

Thu 15th November

Part 1
Desolation Follows – Far from the image of untamed hills, rugged granite monoliths and wild fields of gorse and bracken, the moors are actually one of the most managed landscapes on earth. Burnt beyond natural recognition, the moors are put to the torch every year to keep the landscape bleak and bare. But it was not always this way. Before the fire and desolation, an ancient forest once stood.

The Last Fisherman – For centuries, Hope Cove has been home to a thriving fishing community. But over the years, one by one the fishermen have left. Follow the lives of the last fisherman and his wife as they explore the decline and fight to preserve the heritage of the village.

6-months – A short empathic film about an animal in captivity, longing for the outside. An animal who shares with us the ability to dream, who has the intelligence to recognise himself in the mirror, who is curious, social and sensitive, and in whom we can clearly recognise a soul. An animal who can live more than ten years in the wild, but only six months under our care. 

Part 2
Impossible Dream – In Kenya,  a place where humans and wildlife are in a constant fight for survival, one young man resolves to find a way. He dreams of becoming a pilot, protecting wildlife and ending the conflict.

Blood Island – Deep in the heart of Liberia’s jungles, hundreds of chimpanzees were taken from the wild. Captured, bred and infected with hepatitis to unlock the mysteries of human diseases. Gripping to the core, this is a powerful story of the chimpanzee, their captors and the man still fighting to save them.

Guardians of Anja – As the Guardians of Anja come together, a precarious balance is being restored and the legacy of an entire community rewritten. This is a story of hope for both the people and lemurs of Madagascar.

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