Get involved

Get involved!

Please do come and join us as part of the team that runs the Roxy. There are plenty of ways to join in.


Bar and Box Office Rota

If you volunteer to serve behind our bar or at the Box office for our regular schedule or special events, then you get to come to the show for free. Volunteering in this way only involves arriving half an hour before the event to set up, and locking up afterwards (OK –  there’s a tiny bit of cleaning too!). If you would like to get involved, please contact Paul Hughes on or 01934 732429.


Marketing and distribution

We always need a bit of help distributing our flyers and posters to the few key sites we use. If you can help please contact Juliet on 07725 051523


Construction and Maintenance

We’re always making improvements or expanding our facilities, or just looking after the stuff we have. We are currently looking for help with putting our new kitchen together, and there’s always a spot of maintenance in hand! If you can help, please contact David Maclay on 07725 051523.


Suggest a film

Our regular programme is put together by the committee that runs the Roxy – but is informed by everyone who takes an interest. If you have a suggestion for a film you’d like to see, or an event we could stage, please contact (suggest a film/event email)


Help run the Roxy

If you’ve always wanted to run a tiny art deco cinema – then join the committee and help take it to the next level! Please talk to Juliet 0n 07725 051523


For more information about the renting the Roxy and part or all of the house for meetings, conferences, training or accommodation and holidays please visit or call 07808 806573


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