Thank you!

Service or Equipment Sponsorship and key suppliers

We have been very fortunate to have attracted great support from many professionals who have provided their skills to make the Roxy what it is today, and without which we wouldn’t really ever have been viable. This is also most welcome, and to date our key supporters have been:

  • Rich Tiffin for putting together an online booking system for us.
  • Sore Thumb Programme design and design support
  • Gill Bishop Website design and management; communications support
  • Kolor Skemes Printing
  • 4th Dimension CnC routing – for the box office and bar designs
  • PaceUk Ltd LED lighting
  • Axbridge Butchers Sausages for events!
  • Colston Hall, Bristol Cinema Seats
  • Drugstore Gallery Photography and art donations
  • Avon Plywood Materials for the refurbishment
  • Paul Roberts HiFi  Suppliers of the original equipment – great aftercare and technical support
  • Sarah Laborde Designer of the Foyer, Box Office and Logo
  • Tony Hogg Design and engineering for the forthcoming courtyard canopy
  • Strawberry Line Times Publicity and features
  • Somerset Reparation Maintenance, painting & decorating
  • Motivation Projector loans
  • Rooksbridge Joinery Our lovely front doors


We would welcome any help we can get to keep the show on the road!

For other ways to get involved with the Roxy, please go to our ‘Get involved‘ page


Community Support

We gratefully acknowledge support with grants from:

  • The Jack Todd Trust (Axbridge)
  • Waitrose Supermarket, Weston Super Mare



We are also linked with and enjoy the benefits or services of the following superb organisations:


And finally…..

A big thank you to the Big Lottery fund, without which we’d still be freezing in a derelict room with the Maclays’ stereo and a borrowed projector, and which continues to support this growing facility for all the community.


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