Roxy Entrance to Foyer

The Roxy is one of the smallest cinemas in England.

It is a non-profit community venue in Axbridge, Somerset, and was created for fun by local volunteers in 2007, and developed over the next few years into the facility we have today.

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The Roxy can be booked for private events and screenings.
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Thanks to our Crowdfunders!!

Many thanks to all of you lovely people who supported our crowdfund campaign! We were touched and even overwhelmed by the positive response in our hour of need, and just exceeded our £5000 target, without which we’d have struggled to continue. We can’t thank you enough! We are in the process of contacting all those who helped, to make sure they get their rewards. Anyone who has any enquiries in the meantime, or who wants to book their event, please contact Juliet at

New for Autumn 2016! Online booking!

Thanks to one of our volunteers, Richard Tiffin, we will shortly be introducing a simple online ticket booking service. This will be available from September 1st from our ‘what’s on and bookings’ page. We will continue to accept bookings over the phone on 07725 051523. If you cannot get through, please also try Juliet on 07808 806573, or email Texting the phones within an hour of a show is not ideal – whoever has the phone is usually, by then, in the cinema setting up= so it’s best to make a phone call. Online bookings can be made up to 5 minutes before the doors open (35 minutes before the advertised screening time).

Number 36 and the Roxy can also be booked for business events.
Please visit for more information