Roxy Entrance to Foyer

The Roxy is one of the smallest cinemas in England.

It is a non-profit community venue in Axbridge, Somerset, and was created for fun by local volunteers in 2007, and developed over the next few years into the facility we have today.

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The Roxy can be booked for private events and screenings. More information.

The Roxy needs your help!

We want to keep the show on the road, but we’ve had unprecedented and unexpected challenges in 2015 (both the courtyard canopy project has still to be fully funded, at the same time as a catastrophic failure of the sound and projection equipment!), and so we’re calling on all Roxy supporters, vintage and contemporary cinema lovers and all our friends, (and their friends!) to click through to the Crowdfunder site, where we’ll be offering great benefits and rewards for your support.

Even pledges of £10 will make a difference. Take a look at our video and if you can’t help but know someone who can – please pass on the news! Thank you from all of us at the Roxy!

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Roxy_Appeal from Axbridge Andy on Vimeo.


Make your pledge here

Number 36 and the Roxy can also be booked for business events.
Please visit for more information